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Community Resources

We love to encourage our speakers and items of interest occurring in our community. This page is dedicated to that goal.


If you would like to add a community item, please email HRNNI at

Community Items


The Helps Bulletin has up-to-date news about local opportunities, events and resources available to the community. Below is a mobile friendly electronic flip book in an effort to make it easier to distribute to the community. Click on link below to access the Spring Helps Bulletin.


 Who is ALICE? Working individuals and families often are working hard to earn a living but also struggle to make ends meet, making them fall into the category of Asset Limited, Income, Constrained, Employed (or ALICE).  Here in Kootenai County, that's 1 out of every 3 of our neighbors.  We live, work, worship and recreate around people who deal with the stress and uncertainty of only making enough to live month to month.


 All information that is collected is kept confidential.



We need your Help! Please forward the Helps Bulletin to other community businesses.  Contact info is provided throughout.


Click Here to access the HELPS Bulletin.

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