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We are excited to offer a unique sponsorship opportunity for businesses interested in connecting with our esteemed group of HR professionals and business personnel. As a non-profit organization, we host monthly meetings where your company can gain valuable exposure. We present two sponsorship levels, each providing a 5-minute dedicated window for your business to showcase your offerings and engage with our members.


By sponsoring our event, you'll have the chance to present to a targeted audience, fostering meaningful connections and potential collaborations. For businesses interested in sponsoring a lunch, we welcome you to reach out and select the level that aligns with your goals. Join us in creating a mutually beneficial partnership that supports our non-profit mission while elevating your brand visibility within our community.


Premier Showcase Package-$500

Embark on a rewarding sponsorship journey with our first level opportunity priced at $500. This package not only grants your business exclusive access to our monthly meeting but also includes two tickets that cover admission and a tasty lunch for both attendees. Take center stage with a dedicated 5-minute presentation slot, allowing you to showcase your business to our influential audience of HR professionals and business personnel.


As an added bonus, this sponsorship level extends the invitation for you to set up a booth at the event, maximizing your visibility and interaction with our attendees. Seize this opportunity to make a lasting impression, connect with our community, and elevate your brand at our upcoming gathering.

Elite Spotlight
Package- $250

Unlock valuable exposure for your business with our second level sponsorship priced at $250. This cost-effective package includes one ticket to our monthly meeting, ensuring your presence at a gathering of HR professionals and business personnel. Benefit from a dedicated 5-minute presentation slot to showcase your business and leave a lasting impression on our engaged audience.


While this level does not include a booth, it provides a focused platform for you to connect with key individuals and promote your brand effectively. Join us at this sponsorship level to maximize your visibility, make meaningful connections, and align your business with our non-profit mission. Secure your spot now for an opportunity to elevate your brand in a dynamic and influential community.

Conference Lecture
Using a Touch Phone

Contact Us Today!

To express your interest in sponsoring our monthly meetings and to select your preferred sponsorship level and month, kindly reach out to us at Drop us an email with your chosen sponsorship level, whether it's the $500 package with two tickets and a booth or the $250 option with one ticket and a presentation opportunity.


Additionally, specify the month you would like to sponsor. Our dedicated team will promptly respond with more details, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience for your business. We look forward to collaborating with you and making your sponsorship a success within our vibrant community of HR professionals and business personnel.

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