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2023 HRNNI Vacant Board Positions

HRNNI has four open board positions starting in January 2023, with shadowing requirements starting in December 2022. In order to be considered, you will need to submit your name below.  Paid members have until October 15th to submit their details for consideration.

In order to be considered for an open position, you must meet the following two areas:

1. Be a paid and current member of HRNNI.

2. Be employed in an HR type role.


Click on the job titles below to view job details.

Website Design

Social Media Director


Membership Director

If you would like to run for any of these open positions, please complete the details below and select the position, or positions, you are interested in. You will be added to the voting ballot for upcoming elections. Please include a short Bio in the paragraph section as well. 

Position(s) Interested In

Thanks for submitting!

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